Not eating food is some kind of crime right? I mean, it’s absurd to some people. They think it’s forbidden or readily admit you’re crazy. Well, they haven’t done the research on how it actually helps you. Yes, I know it’s tough not eating when all you can think about is food. That’s what I’m […]

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A Screen first

As I’m writing this, I’m also in the process of writing my first screenplay. I have no idea when I started this story, however, I know it’s been a while. Less than a year though. And I’m proud to say that I’m almost done with Act three. As of right now, I am on page […]

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Searching Pain-Part 1

While I’ve been in Philly for a full week now, the struggle of applying for jobs is making my self-confidence and sanity curb on the edge of destruction. All this experience nonsense for entry-level jobs are starting to become way more over the top than it should be.  I know, I know, there’s a lot […]

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Drowning Sorrow-Part 1

The fire was a delightful touch for Michael. It cracked and popped unpredictably, the way he always remembered. The wood gradually losing life as it gave in a new form. There was no chill in the room, or even outside, however, it was a special night; one that needed celebration. Michael and Vivian’s thirtieth anniversary. […]

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Summit High

It was a chilling, exciting wake-up call at 2:30. After a good twenty mile hike the day before, there was only six hours of sleep to recharge our bodies and mind. However, it was all going to be worth it. We were summiting Mount Whitney! The four of us had decided to wake up then, […]

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Under Lights

I woke up in a heap of sweat, panicking over something. But what? What kind of nightmare was that? It wasn’t an ordinary dream; where I remember a few scattered parts of it and forget the rest by the end of the day. This, this was different. The ground was uncomfortable and hard. I could […]

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Halfway Dreamin’

March 2018 signified a complete life transition from what I previously was used to. Expectations were wildly imagined. Fears, excitement, and the unknown drove into my brain non-stop. The constant wondering made the days tick slower and slower, however, the inevitable day came. I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I was alone, thinking am […]

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