Unescapeable Part-1

Water. Everywhere. Coming down in sheets then drizzles, the storm having a great difficulty making up its mind; if you could call it only a storm. Surprisingly absent was the wind. This was not to be the norm though, as the beginning was always the most forgivable from what he remembered from the tales. Gray, […]

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The Letter F

Thousands if not millions of words start with the letter F. They have different meanings, different ways of saying. And, out of all the words that we know of in the human language, one is by far the most important to me, and the one thing the mafia got right. FAMILY comes first. Watching all […]

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Running On Empty

As you might well have figured, my mentality during the last stretch of trail that I did was predictable. The snow was a big reason, however, everything took a toll. I wasn’t enjoying it as much as when I first started. Being by myself led to constant negative thoughts, or predicting where or when I […]

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Racing Demons Part-1

There was little comfort tonight as she forced herself to sleep. The past few hours led her to think too much, and like most nights, this was the time where she questioned everything about her decisions. When she went to bed an hour earlier, she was wide awake. Tomorrow was going to be no break […]

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Snow Life

We heard countless accounts of how bad the snow was when we arrived at Kennedy Meadows. This was the spot where we finished the Desert section of the PCT and were now onto the next one, the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Even with the low snow totals, we heard from the people that at gone before […]

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Senior Madness

Every year in high school you had kids move to different schools. A few went a town over and some, across the country. I did that my Junior year to New Hampshire. Our whole family to the state that has the motto: “Live Free or Die.” Yeah, what kind of motto is that? Well, things […]

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A Child’s Like Imagination

During school, you had book reports and mandatory reading you had to do for High School in the long summer months. It kept you busy, even if you did slack off and spark note it or something along those lines. The book reports were cool, the worst part was the presentation part if you weren’t […]

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