Stories Past

Besides Physical Education, History class was the most intriguing to me. All the things that happened when I wasn’t even a thought just blew my mind. And yes, right now we’re writing our history for future generations, and people then will have the same thinking as I do.

I know I’m not alone though. The specific events that shaped America and eventually the world are fascinating. Most aren’t positive. I guess we like to keep the bad things around too much. Part of our human nature I suppose.

Whether it be non-fiction or fiction, period pieces are just as entertaining as other genres.  For me, Charles Dickens tops the list. Every time I read one of his works, I always want to travel back in time to England in the 18h and 19th century. The difference from then and now might be a shock, but like anything, I’ll warm up to it.

Then there’s the aspect of learning from history. From our past and the generations before us. Change is going to happen, and for those people that want to keep things the same as they were twenty, even forty years ago isn’t going to work. I mean, the more I grow up, the more I’m aware that my parents new just as much as I did.

So, it’s the inevitable question of how do we transform our views and perspective and expect a better cohesion with others? Well, I certainly don’t have an answer for that. One, because I’m still learning as everyone else is, and two, There isn’t just one solution that works until the end of time. We’re always evolving and changing. What worked a second ago might not work five minutes from now.

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