Change of Scenery

Traveling is in our blood. We want to explore, to experience a new land. It doesn’t matter how old, that desire is always there. Fresh with images and expectations of what the possibilities could be. With so many resources at our disposal, it hasn’t been easier to drop everything and journey to those places on that long list.

A culture, a language, the landscape, and many other reasons entice us in choosing. To start at a young age has its benefits, but life happens and postponing those dreams to the future can happen. Perhaps the list will grow longer, or the destination is calling and the opportunity is too good to be passed upon.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been out of the country, so it’s still a limited perspective. But as I become older, that itch to spread my wings so to speak is even greater. I have however traveled to and fro across the country, living (I use that term lightly) in multiple areas. To California and Arizona, to Rhode Island and the current state, Pennsylvania. There have been thoughts of exploring the MidWest, as I’ve fallen in love with the vast space it has. Who knows, but the ability to be able to have a first-person perspective of this nature-filled country I’m living in now will transfer over to other countries.

Different countries mean different customs, language barriers, and countless others, but to me, that’s the best part. That’s what makes traveling everything we want as an individual. It changes our own perspective and shows us the similarities we all have and the differences. The myths, the stories are a part of us whether we live across the planet, or right next to each other.



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