Rain Damper

I wouldn’t have thought Philly would have this much damn rain and overcast skies. Well, that was a 180-degree flip. Not really, but to be fair I knew it wasn’t going to be the Arizona stretches of drought here. I do love the smell of rain, especially when I was out in nature on the trail. There was something about it that made you smile and enjoy it. However, the mornings were it was freezing cold and you took down your tent site. That was one of the worst parts about hiking I will say. And, like most people who I’ve spoken to about the trail, I KNOW I WENT A MONTH EARLY.

The monsoon season in Arizona is incredible. The lightning strikes and loud booms of thunder while watching in the humid garage was always something I looked forward to. Honestly, who needs entertainment from technology when nature is in full swing? Now, I wonder what I’ll think when the snow starts falling when I’m on my way to work. That’s going to be a sight to see.

I still can’t come to the conclusion of if I’d rather be hot or cold. I’ve done both and either of them shows no sign of enjoyability day in and day out. The heat gets to you in waves, and the shade has no protection. The cold, well, my advice just stay warm. Where’s Goldilocks when you need her?

For now, though, I don’t mind looking out the window and seeing all these beads of water slide down the glass. Or the dark clouds approaching in the distance.  Weather is beautifully fickle and we’re just spectators of its magnitude.


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