Unescapeable Part-1

Water. Everywhere. Coming down in sheets then drizzles, the storm having a great difficulty making up its mind; if you could call it only a storm. Surprisingly absent was the wind. This was not to be the norm though, as the beginning was always the most forgivable from what he remembered from the tales. Gray, lifeless clouds hung closely above him and to the horizon. One after the other, the drops started its life speeding down to earth, never wavering from its original position, until finally the inevitable came and met its fate, going head first into the water that covered the ground. So far, the rain had done its damage. If a traveler were to pass by, they would have little knowledge that underneath were fields of land for farming.

Hours upon hours of water fell on the land, making it look like the Balkin sea. The only thing missing were boats, and he was sure they’d be here soon with the rising of the water growing by the second. At least one thing wasn’t changed at the moment. The mountains that surrounded the valley still sat there, having the same authority as they always had. But from what he could make out, the rain rushed down the sides of the naked beasts and became mixed with the surging water.

He stood there watching it all, stunned that the tales were true. Though stories that were beyond his comprehension when he was only a boy, now became a harsh reality. He was told the Monsoon of the Dead had made its way every few hundred years. The last time it occurred they say was close to four hundred years ago. No one knew how long it lasted since not one person survived. I guess it lived up to its name, he thought, becoming increasingly wet as time progressed. He awoke to drips falling onto his face under his family’s underground bunker that morning. The rest of his siblings were still sound asleep huddled next to one another. Boy, were they going to get a wake-up call soon. If it wasn’t utter madness now, it was going to be.

The murky water clung to his ankles now. Soil floated to the surface, finding every inch it could latch on to. It was getting worse the more he stood still. He sloshed his way to the other side of the mound, where he saw the first sign of human life. He only saw a glimpse when he felt a tug on his shoulder. It was his youngest brother, Sammy. His face still covered in dirt from the day before. He looked tired in his eyes still, but fear overpowered it.

“Phillip? What’s going on?” Phillip didn’t have the guts to tell him. He could feel the questions mounting at every second of silence. He didn’t want to answer the question six different times. So, he would wait for everyone to wake up and tell them what was happening, and what was going to happen. He lifted his brother up in his arms. The two bodies stuck together thanks to their clothes. Even though Sammy wasn’t all that heavy, he seemed to have the weight of the world on him. Phillip knew what was to be done, but didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

“We’re leaving, Sammy.” He said hesitating, then continued with something in his throat. “The rains are finally coming.”


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