Racing Demons Part-1

There was little comfort tonight as she forced herself to sleep. The past few hours led her to think too much, and like most nights, this was the time where she questioned everything about her decisions. When she went to bed an hour earlier, she was wide awake. Tomorrow was going to be no break either, and energy was of the highest importance if she were to get through it. She figured eventually her body would sink into the bed, tired from all the thinking. No luck. She tossed and turned too many times to count. Now, her eyes were staring at the black ceiling, occasionally seeing a glimpse of headlights from the cars outside her window. Sometimes she heard loud music as they passed. Usually, she would have been upset, but her mind was elsewhere tonight.

The fan was circling slowly above, collecting dust and sending it down for her to breath it in. Even when we’re sleeping we have to be careful, she thought. The comforter was too warm for a summer night like this, so she figured it would be better to lay on top of it. That didn’t help either. An uncomfortable sweat still seeped out of her skin making her feel damp.

Finally sitting up, she rubbed her forehead, feeling the beads of water on it. A drink would suffice. Getting out of bed was the easy part. Her room was a mess from earlier after she took everything out searching for it. Mountains of clothes formed like pyramids as she carefully stepped over them hoping not to trip and fall over. Her eyes were finally adjusting to the darkness as she tiptoed out of the room, doing her best to not wake anyone up in the house. By the time she arrived at the stairs, she saw flickers of light down below. Her father had probably fallen asleep watching TV again, she thought. The wooden stairs softly creaked as she carefully made her way down, the railing helping her. The tile was cold on her feet thanks to the AC blaring in the room. Hot air rises she said to herself. Her father was positioned in his usual chair in the corner. A Lazy-boy that worked like a charm whenever he wanted to take a nap. His snoring was soft and consistent. Her head turned to the TV lost in static. Black and white dots fluttered sporadically in every direction.

Making her way to the kitchen, she noticed that dinner was left out on the counter. She looked around curiously for her mother, wondering if she was still awake. Nothing. No lights were on where her bedroom was. She decided to put it in the fridge. Blinded by the drastic change in light, she carefully placed the tray on one of the shelves. She closed the door standing there, thinking. Why did I come down here in the first place? Oh, water. She moved her way to the cupboard and took a small glass out. She turned the kitchen faucet on and watched the water fill all the curves in the glass. Be like water.

Sipping slowly at first but then gulping it down, she managed to quench her thirst, feeling slightly better. She poured another glass and went to the backslider. Unlocking it, she walked out to the patio seeing their barren backyard and the other house next door. Looking out at the black sky with twinkles of light, she tried her best to form something that would work.


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