Music Saves

I don’t know how, or why even that music helps me so much, however, it does. For me, any kind of music….besides Country. I don’t know why…well I do, I just can’t pinpoint why I don’t. Most songs just repeat the same thing over and over again. Rap, Rock, you name it. But Country just, to say it in today’s terms, triggers me for some damn reason. Maybe it’s the way they sing it or their voices. I mean their great at what they do and I respect their craft and all, but I can’t for the life of me listen to any Country. I should say I like Johnny Cash, but he’s the only one. Maybe I’ll be able to figure that out as I get older. As I get wiser or stupider, depends on what happens from now on.

I guess I found something in music while I was young. I remember on Sundays we had chore day and my dad would put specific genres on. He’d blare it around the house for a few hours before he took his daily nap while listening to golf. Don’t ask me why that was just his thing. He still does that. That music though, it put me in different decades wondering what it was like in that time. I know movies and documentaries and stories help and are the main thing in reliving the past, especially nowadays. Music does something different. Go back to the early 20’s and the music was so upbeat and amazing. Then the drastic change happened and then it was the 50’s and 60’s which had totally different music. And now today, with all the rap and pop. Most of which I don’t like, however, I do listen to today’s music the most.

Yes, you heard me. It’s not the type of music most people like, I mean it’s starting to be, but I want to say it’s more common sense music, or as people say, woke music. Jeez do I hate the slang of today! The reason why is probably because I grew up in it like everyone in this decade, and so I gravitate towards it. That same reason though helped me to explore other decades, other genres and types of music. I love soundtracks for movies and TV shows. One off the top of my head is Stranger Things. It’s all so different yet so similar if you understand that at all. There are some days where I need the rap to kick me in the ass and get motivated. Sometimes I want the Beatles and Jimmie Hendrix. Other days, which is a lot right now, is Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Everything about those bands and artists is amazing. They perfected their craft and constantly grew and changed, even if their fan base didn’t like it or wanted the “old stuff” back.

Music for me is a meditation. A relaxer and compressor from everything that’s been going on in the world. To put on something you enjoy and be able to tune everything out is very rare. I’m glad I have a lot of that in music. For every mood, every thought, every waking second, there’s something for me. I have no idea how to play any instruments, however, I keep telling myself that I’ll learn. I want to learn Acoustic Guitar and Piano. I guess I’m stuck with the triangle and the middle school flute of playing Mary had a Little Lamb until further notice. In the future though, you’ll see me playing those things, and definitely, have more of an appreciation of music as I grow older and have more life experiences. Here’s to more adventure in music.

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