A Child’s Like Imagination

During school, you had book reports and mandatory reading you had to do for High School in the long summer months. It kept you busy, even if you did slack off and spark note it or something along those lines. The book reports were cool, the worst part was the presentation part if you weren’t self-conscious about public speaking. Those days you had a choice of what book you wanted, and the teacher would sign off on it. That made you enjoy it that much more. Life was simpler back then. Jeez, where did the time go?

I remember really disliking book reports. I wasn’t much of a reader, except for the Magic Tree House books and Junie B. Jones for whatever reason. Goodness, those books were strange come to think of it. Other than that, I had no interest. If it was playing video games and going outside, I’d rather do that than read a book. I’d read the books though. I feel guilty if I didn’t read it and of course, I’d have to give a summary of it in class. So, I didn’t want to look like an idiot. It really didn’t matter because three-fourths of the class wasn’t paying attention. However, you’d have that one kid who paid attention, (aka the overachiever/school smarts kid) and they’d ask you questions about the story you haven’t read. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Nolan and Dina. I bet now they’re doing crazy intelligent things, so I probably should have been friends with them. Beside the point though. When I was younger, I wasn’t that much interested. Probably should have started or at least used more of my time reading and learning, instead of video games. The more you know when you’re older.

In High School, if you were in honors or AP classes, you’d have mandatory reading in the summer that would be for the fall semester.  It was decent. Not my kind of deal, but nonetheless, I did it. One of the readings I remember was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I read half of it, and then my boredom got the better of me. You already know I failed the end of the book test. I guess books weren’t stimulating enough for me. Growing up in a sports background, I had little interest in staying put for ten minutes at least and reading something that was written in the 17 or 1800’s. The good news was I passed and graduated with flying colors. Not really though. That will be in another post.

As I went away from the schooling aspect for a little while, I started to read just because. School sports were over and I had more time on my hands as I wasn’t into the things I liked when I was younger. And lo and behold, reading is something else. One book led into another and another. Before I realized, I was looking into more books and authors. Eventually, I ended up reading, fully, Great Expectations again and it’s one of my favorite books. Go figure! Crazy what a few years can do to ya.

In the next year I was buying books left and right, not really caring if they were new and old, or philosophy and health books.  To date, I have at least 120 books in my collection, and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. There’s so much information and imagination out there, why not be immersed in it as much as you can. Now that I am away from school and all, I actually look forward to learning new things on my own. Crazy right?  And now I have a very high interest in writing, thanks to it. If you would have told me after graduating I would be where I am, like most people, I would have laughed and said no. well, life’s eventful and so are books. Not one is the same, yet they almost all have the same principles and themes. Just like the lives we’re living now. If you’re ever bored or think you’re bored. Give a book a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Right now, I’m reading Game of Thrones and it’s blowing me away with how great it is. No wonder the show is so damn good. I wonder what things I’m going to read and write in the future. Who knows, maybe that’s part of my story.

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