Not eating food is some kind of crime right? I mean, it’s absurd to some people. They think it’s forbidden or readily admit you’re crazy. Well, they haven’t done the research on how it actually helps you. Yes, I know it’s tough not eating when all you can think about is food. That’s what I’m dealing with right now. It sucks! All I want is something sugary or starchy to combat my hunger.  There have been numerous amounts of times where I wanted to cave, especially the first time I tried fasting. Now, I’m on my second time. Two days into it.

All it is is an experiment. Some do it to lose weight, some do it just because, and others do it because they appreciate what it does for their body.  It also gives you a greater love for food because they’re so many amazing, savory foods at your disposal. Sorry, cravings are kicking in! The first time I fasted was last year. It was only for three days, however, I noticed a few different things about it. For starters, I was always hungry during those three days. I wonder if I get past the third day it isn’t as potent. The second is even though I’m in athletic shape, I still lost about five pounds. Of course, I focused on food a lot while I wasn’t eating. I guess it’s a habit? The third was something I didn’t expect as much from the research I did before I started. I was more focused. My body had to use other forms of energy to make sure I was functioning properly and it ended up concentrating me more. If it was work, exercise, or just day to day stuff. Weird huh?

Now, as I’m in my second day of fasting for the second time, I, once again am focused. Mainly on food though. Sometimes you forget to eat a meal and you’re starving for a few hours, then you get home and you chow down on something, but this is deliberate. The smell of really good Philadelphia food doesn’t help.

I plan on doing three days like last time. So, tomorrow night I’ll be free to do what I want. I guess I’ll have to cook up something good from my momma’s blog, or cave and eat out at a really good restaurant. Who knows, right now though, I’m thinking of food, and to make sure I don’t eat, I’ll be reading and taking a nap. Hopefully, my stomach will simmer down before I go to my interview later. Subdue the cravings while I’m out in the world. It’ll be a stretch, but I can handle it. Also, if you don’t know much about fasting, do your research on it. Yes they’ll be some things that make you think not eating food can really harm you, and yes that’s plausible for some people. However, doing intermittent fasting or fasting lasting up to seven days can do some real good for your body. Who knows, maybe it’ll become the next trend? I doubt that though.

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