A Screen first

As I’m writing this, I’m also in the process of writing my first screenplay. I have no idea when I started this story, however, I know it’s been a while. Less than a year though. And I’m proud to say that I’m almost done with Act three. As of right now, I am on page ninety-five of the story with only ten to fifteen pages left to go. That’s just the first rough draft. Then there will be editing upon editing as I try to make this story the best it can be in my opinion.

I’m surprised yet proud that I’ve gotten this far. For only taking one film and literature class, I think I’ve done well for myself. I learned all the other things on my own, from reading scripts and books about story structure to watching hours upon hours of videos about screenwriting. Oh, and don’t forget the movies, too.

This first story has been quite the journey. Usually, writers have the ending figured out before they start the story. I didn’t do that. I was basically ten pages at a time, figuring out from scratch, how to do this. I love it though. It feels great to come up with a story out of your own imagination, whether that’s a book or something to watch.  It took me twenty years to figure out that I have a passion for this, and want to pursue it more when I’m able to. That will fall into place eventually as long as I continue to work at it. I guess I like the challenge of it as well. There’s not this one PERFECT movie. No statistics or analytics can say what works and what doesn’t. There’s no black and white like in math. It’s art. It’s creation and imagination.

Some of my favorite films and TV shows are probably why I even thought this was plausible. Any Christopher Nolan or Stanley Kubrick film far surpasses anything I’ve seen in my short twenty-one years on this earth. (Happy Birthday Christopher Nolan.) Yes, it’s my opinion, however, when I look at other movies, they can’t compare. I’m not the type of person who likes action movies or superhero movies. I’m the odd one that enjoys a real-life story with a twist that makes you think. I guess I got that from my dad. For those movies, there’s a surface of what the meaning of the movie is, then underneath there’s more to it; making you question, and having you dive deeper into what they were really trying to portray in the movie. I guess that’s why Donnie Darko is my all time favorite movie. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it, but every time I do, I catch something I didn’t the previous time.

Okay, opinion over.

What I wanted to say was that I constantly want to learn about EVERYTHING. There’s something that fascinates someone, and I’m one of the people that have interest in a lot of things. This type of activity does that. It helps me explore. It helps me escape from the outside world. I get to create and use my skills to show something that hasn’t been done before. And that gives me hope, knowing I can accomplish something and I know I put the effort in it. That’s what matters most.

Now, I guess I’ll go back and see how much I can finish before I head off to bed for the night and start again tomorrow. I don’t know what addiction feels like, but I think this is a good one.

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