Rain Damper

I wouldn’t have thought Philly would have this much damn rain and overcast skies. Well, that was a 180-degree flip. Not really, but to be fair I knew it wasn’t going to be the Arizona stretches of drought here. I do love the smell of rain, especially when I was out in nature on the […]

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Changing Direction

Out of all the years since I can remember, this one has had the most significance. There have been numerous lifestyle changes and such in my first 20 years living, however, this one seems to be above the rest. I remember back in high school, my ignorant self, wanted some big change to occur. I […]

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Speak life through the flame Shape naturally like quiet water Transfixed unity    

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Beauty defines no boundaries Time indeed a rhythm Feelings of aid or of deceit Questions and answers only theories Indulged by our own fictitious concepts Distracted by external involvement And blinded by a cry of silence For surface bleed Unaware what follows proceeds  

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Shattered eclipse brave the night Toil before our innocent sight Considering the judgment our intentions seek That comes with our inner shriek For yearning that never amounted And far beyond which demons surrounded Breaking free of pursuing darkness With little resolve, an imperfect catharsis  

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Unescapeable Part-1

Water. Everywhere. Coming down in sheets then drizzles, the storm having a great difficulty making up its mind; if you could call it only a storm. Surprisingly absent was the wind. This was not to be the norm though, as the beginning was always the most forgivable from what he remembered from the tales. Gray, […]

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The Letter F

Thousands if not millions of words start with the letter F. They have different meanings, different ways of saying. And, out of all the words that we know of in the human language, one is by far the most important to me, and the one thing the mafia got right. FAMILY comes first. Watching all […]

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